Coffee Van & Carts Yarra Valley

Is it your goal to organise an event where your guests can enjoy a real cup of coffee – coffee that’s made from freshly roasted beans that were grown in South America? If the answer is ‘yes’ and you’re looking for a coffee cart in Yarra Valley, Ma and Pa’s Organic Coffee can bring the quality of coffee that you’d find at a fine brew coffee house to your event.

Because of its signature flavour and warming properties, coffee can literally be the finishing touch that’s needed to make local events such as sports events, birthday parties, and corporate functions a resounding success. Everyone knows that things are brighter, more enjoyable and much more sociable when there’s good coffee on offer and that’s exactly where our expertise lies – providing good coffee.

To ensure that our beverages are made using only the highest quality of produce, we source our freshly roasted beans from a trusted and long-standing local coffee supplier – Yarra Coffee. Not only do Yarra Coffee supply us with the most flavoursome coffee beans on a consistent basis, they also fit in with our ethos for caring for the environment by buying their beans from Central American farmers who conform to world organic farming standards while also committing to paying their workers a recognised fair wage standard.

Our passion for the environment, our local community and its inhabitants is something that we’re very careful to incorporate into our business practices. So, when you hire a coffee van in Yarra Valley from us, you’re choosing an environmentally friendly company and can expect all beverages to be served in biodegradable cups with lids. Also, our dedication to give back to our local community leads us to pledging 10% of our total revenue to all the fundraising and sports events that we are hired for.

When it comes to the beverages that we offer out of our coffee van, the variety is vast and comprises of a wide selection of hot and cold coffee favourites including cappuccinos, lattés, chai lattés, mochaccinos, flat whites, and long blacks to name just a few. All of these varieties come with the option to add free extra shots, decaf shots or full, soy, skim, or lactose free milk. And to give our coffees that little something extra, we offer the chance for complete flavour customisation with sweet syrups such as hazelnut, vanilla, caramel, Irish cream, snow white, mocha and the delectable crème brulee.

To cater for all non-coffee lovers, we also offer hot chocolate and a wide selection of tea favourites including green tea, herbal tea, earl grey and English breakfast tea. Our extensive menu is one of the main reasons why people are thrilled to finally have a coffee cart Yarra Valley residents can depend on for a delicious and affordable hot beverage.

To hire a coffee van in Yarra Valley that will enhance the people’s experience at your event by serving the best locally supplied fair trade, freshly roasted organic coffee, you can contact Ma and Pa’s Organic Coffee today via the following:

Phone: 0449 150 421