Coffee Van & Carts Healesville

We believe that one shouldn’t have to look far and wide to find a fresh and flavourful cup of coffee. With our coffee cart in Healesville, we’ll bring the standard of coffee that you’d find at a fine brew coffee shop direct to you in person. So, whether you’re holding a trade show, sports or corporate event, Ma and Pa’s Organic Coffee Melbourne will bring our finest coffees to serve your local community event.

Our freshly roasted beans come from respected local Lilydale coffee supplier – Yarra Coffee – who buys the best quality beans from Central American farmers who comply with world organic standards and commit to paying their workers a recognised fair wage standard.

We want our customers to not only enjoy the beverages that we make for them; we also want them to be proud of their coffee choice. For this, we hope that our passion for coffee combined with our care for the environment, which compels us to use biodegradable cups and lids, will resonate with each of our customers. Our commitment to people and their community comes through in every beverage that we serve so that people will appreciate a coffee van Healesville and its surrounding areas can get excited over.

We offer a wide array of coffee favourites including cappuccinos, lattés (as well as chai lattés), flat whites, mochaccinos, and long blacks, all of which come with the option to add a free extra shot, decaf shot or full, soy, skim, or lactose free milk. If you’d like a coffee with a difference, you can customise your drink with various types of syrups, such as Irish cream, vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, snow white mocha or the sinfully rich crème brulee. To cover your entire hot beverage desires, we also offer hot chocolate and classic tea favourites including Green Tea, Herbal Tea and Earl Grey.

To ensure that our coffee is of the highest standard, we’ve installed our coffee van with a commercial quality Espresso machine, grinder, refrigerator and a back-up generator (in case the main power is unavailable).

Ma and Pa’s Organic Coffee is a passionate and dedicated family run business that aims to be a part of the community as we believe it is the key to our growth and future success. For this reason, we pledge 10% of our revenue to all the fundraising and sporting events that we are hired for. For us, this is a much deserving ‘thank you’ gesture for having the opportunity to work local events and be part of the community.

To hire a coffee van in Healesville that will boost the people’s enjoyment and experience at your event by serving the best locally supplied fair trade, fresh roast organic coffee beans, please contact us at:


Phone: 0449 150 421