Mobile Coffee Cart Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Healesville

Ma and Pa’s Organic Coffee is family run small business with a strong work ethic involving our local community activities such as pony clubs,school fetes,sporting events, trade shows and private or corporate functions. When starting up Susan and David decided that to be able to offer their customers a high  quality service they must ensure that the equipment used and the coffee used also had to be of the highest quality.


* Good customer service

* Quality product

* Pleasant and easy to deal with

* Treat each customer as an individual and do our best to accommodate their

   coffee requirements to satisfy their taste, giving them a refreshed feeling of

   being alert and ready to get into the day.


With this in mind it was decided that the coffee we offered our customers must come from suppliers as near as possible to our own area, be freshly roasted using beans produced in accordance with fair trade principles thus giving the farmers a fair price and grown to comply with internationally accepted organic standards. We have been able to locate a coffee supplier who meets these requirements in our own locality and this has enabled us to meet our objectives as to quality and our wish to support local enterprises.