Mobile Organic Coffee Van & Carts Hire Melbourne

We are based at Lilydale..... The gateway to the Yarra Valley.

We have a VW Maxi Caddy Van which has been professionally fitted out with a commercial quality Expresso Machine, Grinder, Large Refrigerator and Generator (when mains power is unavailable).


* Make great tasting coffee out of the best quality ORGANIC, FAIR TRADE  COFFEE BEANS roasted locally by Yarra Coffee in Lilydale

* Friendly with good communication skills

* Passionate about providing great coffee with attention to detail

* Flexible - with different strengths of coffee and various different types of milk  If you are not happy simply return and we will replace your coffee- no questions

* Conscious of our environment and like to be ECO-FRIENDLY using biodegradable cups and lids

* RELIABLE ( stay for the entire event), have good presentation and follow all OH&S and Health Department rules and regulations.

Mobile Coffee Van Melbourne

Like great coffee? Love Ma and Pa’s Organic Coffee! Based at Lilydale, we offer our customers the tastiest and most convenient coffee around. >>Readmore

Brewed to perfection from our commercial quality Espresso Machine in the back of our VW Maxi Caddy van, our coffee is of the highest quality and totally delicious.

At Ma and Pa’s Organic Coffee, we are a small family run business that provides a Mobile Coffee Van Melbourne can really get excited over. We believe in serving the local community, and make ourselves available for all local happenings, be it for sporting events, school fetes, private and corporate functions, trade shows or anything else that is a local community-based event.

Our freshly roasted beans come from the best local coffee supplier Yarra Coffee in Lilydale who buy from farmers in Central America who comply with organic standards internationally whilst paying their workers a fair wages thus the coffee we use is regarded as a Fair Trade product. This, and fantastic customer service provided by us means you are dealing with a Mobile Coffee Cart Melbourne can pride itself on.

While our coffees are mobile, they are by no means restricted as we provide all types of coffee including cappuccinos, lattés, flat whites, mochaccinos, hot chocolates, chai lattés and long blacks all with the options of free extra shots, decaf shots, soy milk or lactose free milk. We also provide a variety of syrups, such as vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, Irish Cream, Snow White mocha and crème brulee. Additionally, we serve a range of teas, including English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green Tea and Herbal Tea.

We are completely passionate about what we do, and we value each and every one of our customers. Our love and appreciation for good coffee and dedication to excellent customer service enables us to keep the standards of both our products and service extremely high.

We want to be seen as an Organic Coffee Van that gives to the community we receive from, so we pledge that for fundraising and sporting events, we pay 10% of our takings as a thank you for having the opportunity to work at your local event. The community is key to our growth and we believe we play a part in the growth of our community, which is why we focus so much on integrating the two.

For more information, you can contact us at any time by phone or by email, and we’re also very social so you can also find us on Facebook. We’d be more than willing to answer any questions you may have, discuss any ideas that you have for your local event, and also to talk about serving in your local neighbourhood.

We look forward to serving you the highest quality fair trade, freshly roasted organic coffee beans, and all at fantastic prices so that you can enjoy your cup of coffee guilt-free.

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